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TOP 10 Experts’ Tips To Lose Weight In Your Face Easily

In this article I am going to show you how to lose weight in your face with the top 8 tips that I have got from expert doctors.

I want to share these tips with you because these really helped me a lot to lose fat from my face.These are the easiest tips or steps which anyone could easily follow.

I have got a plenty of tips from all the expert doctors.But,I have shortlisted the best 8 from all of them as these seems to be perfect for losing weight from face.

how to lose weight in your face
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Anyone like teenager,adults,mature and old mean to say everyone could lose weight from their face if he/she follow these experts’ advices in a better way with full focus.

I have seen that losing weight is the 1st priority of all the people who are fat enough that they cannot live their life normally like others.

Therefore,after a lot of research I have collected the 475 problems related to this topic.


This is a comprehensive article about losing weight in your face and also will be the best of all the others you have read before.

So,let us start the article without wasting your time anymore:

Consult Your Personal Doctor

The only person on Earth that knows about your health condition is your personal doctor.So,consult your personal doctor about this problem also.

There are many benefits of doing this that are as under:

  • You don’t need to do extra research
  • He will give you the best advice that what to do now
  • The doctor might also be a weight loss expert so,he can help you more deeply
  • Your doctor can refer you to another expert doctor
  • He can make the best diet plan for you

There is a lot difference in doing research by yourself and the research done by expert doctor.So,before taking any action consult the doctor.

You can also find best weight loss doctors on Google also like this:

how to lose weight in your face

This will really help you to find the best doctor for you to whom you can discuss your problem in details.Obviously he will help you in this regard and will provide you with the best advice.

Don’t Go For Surgery Immediately

This has become a serious issue from the past 2 to 3 years.Number of people who are spending a lot of money on surgery are increasing day by day.

A report on USA Today Revealed the following shocking results for the year 2016:

how to lose weight in your face

Americans are spending a lot of money on different types of surgeries.Most of them when being asked say that it was recommended by their doctor.

As my previous point was to consult your doctor to lose weight in your face,therefore I will like to tell you that don’t go for facial surgery immediately.

If your doctor is saying to you to go for surgery then do your own research.You can also consult other doctors as well.It will be better for you to take the right decision.

I am not saying that surgery is bad but if you could lose weight without surgery then that will be worth it.Only go for surgery when no other way is left but surgery.At that stage you can take this risk.

This was the advice that I specially confirmed from experts for this article on How To Lose Weight In Your Face. Because I don’t want any of my readers to be on risk.

Do facial exercises that are easy

Besides helping in weight loss facial exercises really help in the circulation of blood to the different areas of the face.

Many people recommend facial exercise as an answer of the question(how to lose weight in your face?).Those exercises may work well but are a little tough ones.

So,why you follow tough exercises for your face to lose weight from?I will provide you a list of easy facial exercises that works really well like the other tough ones.

So,here are the easiest facial exercises:

  • Lift the folds around your nose

how to lose weight in your face

  • Tighten a sagging neck

how to lose weight in your face

  • Smooth out your forehead

how to lose weight in your face

  • work the muscles

how to lose weight in your face

Don’t treat facial exercises as a cure all

Facial exercises have a lot of benefits other then losing weight from face.But the condition is that you have to follow these in the correct way.

And just remember 1 thing that don’t treat these facial exercises as a cure as all.Because these could be dangerous if done for large number of times.

Follow only those facial exercises which I have mentioned above.These are the proven weight loss exercises that are the perfect ones for your face.

These exercises could be a little helpful for you but I must say that don’t rely just on these facial exercises.There are so many other factors also.

Rebuild Your Diet Plan

If you are following a diet plan from years or months,don’t change it completely but a little bit.

A lot of my patients ask me “Hey doctor!How to lose weight in your face?”,I just say them only one thing that is to rebuild your diet plan.

This does not mean to completely destroy the old one,but to make some little changes in the old one.This will be enough for you if you really anted to lose weight in your face.

Try Easy Exercises

Exercises are of two types like hard ones and those which everyone could do like easy exercises i.e running,jogging etc.

So try easy exercises to lose weight in your face.This may not be so helpful but has an important role in losing weight in your face.

Don’t go for tough exercises as those could put you in danger.Just do some slight exercises which are easy to follow and everyone can do without any difficulty.

Facial Massage

This is the most important tip from all of the above ones.If you don’t follow the 9 tips out of 10 then there will be no problem.

But,if you don’t do facial massage then you cannot lose weight in your face with those 9 tips only.In other words you can lose weight easily in your face just by doing facial massage.

So,try facial massage if you really want to get perfect results from these tips.This is the must follow tip for you to adopt in order to lose weight in your face.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

You may get a shock when you will hear the facts that every 8th person in America drinks alcohol.A recent survey on Washington Post reveal this hidden truth.You can see it yourself:

how to lose weight in your face

This is the brutal truth of our society.So Beside weight loss topic Personally I want to say you that don’t drink alcohol.It will destroy your digestion system resulting in brutal death of your stomach.

Avoid alcohol as much as you can for your bright future and you will surely get the answer of this question “how to lose weight in your face?”

Observe Your Sodium Intake

Sodium intake in access can cause in the increase of face fat.

The reason behind this is that sodium can cause your body to hold extra water resulting in the increase of face fat rapidly.

So,if you really want to lose weight in your face in a matter of days or weeks you must have to lower your sodium intake.


How can you decrease your sodium intake if you don’t know how much sodium you are consuming?

This is why you need to firstly observe that how much sodium you are taking daily.

After you have finished this observation then you can decide whether to decrease it or it is normal already.

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