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16 Easiest Ways To Lose Weight In College For Students

This Comprehensive article is the full guide about your question of “How to lose weight in college?”.Many students are worried now a days that how they can bring a major decrease in their wight.

I have compiled a full guide of almost 15 steps which you can follow to lose weight if you are a college student.

Without wasting your further time ,let’s move on to the 1st step of this article on how to lose weight in college easily:

Follow One Food Guide

how to lose weight in college
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One food guide does not mean that you have to eat just 1 food during your weight loss period.It means that you might see a lot of food plans on Internet.

All telling about how to lose weight in college easily.My purpose of saying that only follow one food guide is that don’t follow all those food plans.

You will be confused what to eat and what not to.

Do research deeply about all the food guides you find on Internet and choose the best one from all of them.It will prevent you from distraction.

Cut Back On Unhealthy Fats

how to lose weight in college
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There are some fats that are healthy for you,but on the other hand most of fats that we eat in daily life are unhealthy for our health.

I will not say you to cut back on all fats but the unhealthy ones.

You can read the complete details about fats on Fusion Occupational Health.

I will not go in detail about not to eat fats.As you all know that some fats are unhealthy and can be dangerous for you.

I will tell you How You Can Cut Back On Fats Easily.Just Follow the following steps and you will be there:

  • Teach your mind the lesson that “Fats Are Unhealthy”
  • Read the labels of foods before buying them.
  • Use less oil in your breakfast,lunch and dinner meals.
  • Don’t eat food from outside home i.e from hotels.

It could be hard in the beginning but once you succeed,you will be proud of you.

Eat Fewer Sweets And Snacks

how to lose weight in college
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As for as the sweets are concerned,they are also a big cause of your increasing weight.Snacks could be healthy or unhealthy depending upon the situation.

So,I will suggest you to leave these sweets and unhealthy snacks.But if you cannot leave eating them immediately,then please eat few of them that you think may be healthy or have not any caution about your weight.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

how to lose weight in college
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Try to leave sugary drinks as soon as possible.These are destroying your stomach badly and you are unaware of this.

A recent study showed that 87% people fell prey to different diseases because of drinking a lot of sugary drinks.

I am not saying that you should left them completely but not to drink in plenty.If you don’t want to left drinking sugary juices or drinks then try those drinks that are healthy.

Get Enough Sleep At Night

how to lose weight in college
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“What is the secret of your healthy life?”I asked this question to hundreds of people that have no disease.They gave me some interesting answers.All of them have one common answer that is “We get enough sleep to stay active all the day.”

Number does not matter while to look for the answer how many hours should I sleep.Sleep as much so that you can stay active all the day to perform all the daily activities with enthusiasm.

Limit Fast Foods

how to lose weight in college
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Fast food is not bad if to be eaten in limit.so limit fast food as much as you can if you are desperate to lose weight quickly in a matter of days or weeks.

The reason why I am saying you to limit fast food is as follows:

  • It contains unhealthy fats.
  • These contain higher number of calories.
  • Higher cholesterol
  • Higher amounts of sodium

These all when sum up can destroy your health in the very bad way.So,avoid from fast foods as much as you can to put a full stop on your increasing weight.

Tackle Hunger With Fiber And Protein

how to lose weight in college
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Imagine you are feeling hungry in night and you don’t have anything healthy to eat!What will you do?

I suggest you to put some foods that contain fiber and protein in your home to tackle hunger with them.This is the ultimate solution of your problem and the best answer of your question “How to lose weight in college?”.

So,next time when you feel hungry don’t rush towards unhealthy foods but the foods that are healthy for you and your health as well.

Be Aware Of How Much You Are Eating

Start counting calories from today,if you really wanted to lose weight in college.

When you will do this you will automatically start eating less calories for better health and to lose weight quickly.

Think About Why You Are Eating

how to lose weight in college
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People say practice makes a man perfect!This is right but I say “Thinking In The Right Direction And Then To Practice That Makes A Man Perfect.”

So,whenever you try to eat besides breakfast,lunch and dinner ask yourself the question Why I Am Eating This?”This will help you to think and practice in the right direction.

When a man start questioning things he gain success so fast that he himself can never imagine.So,start questioning from today.Your 1st question to yourself should be “How To Lose Weight In College In This Age?”.

Don’t Be Lazy

how to lose weight in college
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Don’t be lazy while doing daily activities.Laziness is the biggest cause of increase in fat.When a man becomes lazy,he tries to avoid the important daily activities he has to do.

A lazy person always wish that he has all his requirements fulfilled on his table.

This laziness will freeze his muscles and he will try to eat as much as he can because he has nothing to do.So,always try to keep moving and remain busy in some activity to lose weight fast.

Understand the food pyramid

how to lose weight in college
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Food pyramid is the day to day plan of which group of foods you have to eat on daily basis.Try to explore food pyramid in a comprehensive way to fully understand which foods you have to eat on respective day.

This will bring discipline in your life towards weight loss and will make you a healthy person if you follow this food pyramid in the correct way.

So question is where you will find this food pyramid that will be right for you.Don’t worry Safe Food is my recommendation to you where you can find awesome food pyramid.This food pyramid covers almost all the healthy foods.

So,follow this food pyramid in order to lose weight in college.

Drink lots of water

If you ever ask me the question How to lose weight in college?”I will answer you in one line.My answer will be “By drinking as much water as you can.”

Water plays an important role in losing water by washing many waster material of our body.Thus,try to drink at least 5 kg of water daily.

Eat everything in moderation

When we are eating we don’t see that how much we have eaten or trying to eat.

If we calculate the number of calories before eating and eat with moderation then there is no problem in eating even four times a day.

But we don’t have any concern with the results that we can get after eating unhealthy foods.We just focus on present and don’t try to look beyond the limits.

My advice is to eat in moderation in order to get the best results.

Don’t cut out carbs completely

Almost all weight loss experts suggest that cut out carbohydrates in order to lose weight.I also suggested this in many of my articles.

You may also have listen about this before.I wanted to add a little bit about this weight loss tip that it is good if you cut out carbs from your diet,but if you don’t wanted to do so then don’t need to worry.

Everything has its own benefit when it is used in its limit.So,don’t cut out carbs completely if you really wanted to lose weight in college.

Don’t Mess Up With Yourself

Some boys or girls in your age specially start messing up with themselves if they don’t get results initially.

I am warning you this before because I know this is going to be happen after some time of following the tips for losing weight.

Don’t mess up with yourself as it takes time bigger things to happen.Those who keep patience and consistency become successful.

You also have to maintain these 2 things that are patience and consistency if you really want to get success in this weight loss journey.

Bored With Water?Try This

I said you to drink a lot of water above.Well drinking water is as good for weight loss as it is necessary to stay alive.

If you are bored with drinking water you can try flavored water,it will help you a lot .

Flavored water has the same benefits as the simple water.

So,try flavored water if you are bored with simple water it will really help you lose weight in college.

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