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How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise-10 Best Exercises

In this article i am going to how you that how to lose weight fast with exercise at home.These exercises could be followed by everyone like men,women etc.

These are the easiest exercises which can help you lose weight fast and also help in building muscles in a short period of time.

how to lose weight fast with exercise
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You don’t need to follow any diet plan to lose weight fast with exercise if you are adopting these exercise.This is a bonus point of following these exercises.

I am not saying that you should not follow the diet plan in any way but it is your own choice whether to go with both of these tactics or to choose between them.

Let me clear 1 thing here that you may want to lose weight as fast as possible that is a good thing but don’t try to lose it in 1 or 2 or 3 days as it could be harmful for your health.

It is not the game of few days but few weeks if you follow the exercises in the correct way and with consistency and discipline.


Without wasting much of your time,let’s move on to the 10 exercises to lose weight fast:

Step-Up Exercise

Before starting this exercise to lose weight fast you must have a bench or a jumping platform like solid box etc.

Now Let’s Start the procedure to lose weight fast with exercise!

  • Stand straight in front of the jumping platform.
  • The distance of your body from jumping platform should be 5 inches.
  • Keep Your Arms At Your Sides.
  • Place right foot on the jumping platform and push your body up.
  • Repeat same process for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Sit-Ups Exercise

Try to arrange some kind of  towel or something like this before starting this exercise.You should try this exercise regularly in order to lose weight fast with exercise.

The procedure for this weight loss exercise is as follows:

  • Lay down straight on the towel.
  • Lift your upper body part to some extent.
  • When you reach at some higher point from the ground then stop.
  • Now try to lift your legs up at that same point.
  • Repeat all the steps for at least 5 to 10 minutes daily.

Kettle-bell Swing

It is a kind of exercise in which you may need a heavy bell.That heavy bell should be  iron coated and must have two points where it should be grasped.

Procedure is as follows:

  • Stand straight.
  • Grasp the ball or bell in your hands.
  • Bend down until you reach the chair position.
  • Now,move the bell forward and back word continuously.
  • Keep moving the bell for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • After 2 to 3 minutes take a little break.
  • Repeat all the processes for half an hour.

Farmer’s Walk

You may not think it as a weight loss exercise.It is the easy weight loss exercise which is simple yet it works much more than you think.

You don’t need any extra preparations to perform this exercise like other good weight loss exercises.

Just Grasp 2 Dumbbells in your hands and walk for half an hour or more.It is your choice that for how much time you can do this best weight loss exercise.

Squat Jumps

It is one of the weight loss exercises that can be performed at home.

It is an amazing practice which you have to do to lose weight fast with exercise.

Take action in the following way:

  • Stand straight.
  • Go to the chair position.
  • Bring your arms forward.
  • Remain in this position for 20 sec.
  • Repeat.


The well known and one of the good weight loss exercises.You can lose weight fast with exercise by doing this must have practice.

You may have listen about this before for thousand times but I’ll tell you the most interesting fact about this easy weight loss exercise:

  • Your age decides how many push-ups you have to perform.
  • For women:20 to 29 years 17 to 33
    30 to 39 years 12 to 24
    40 to 49 years 8 to 19
    50 to 59 years 6 to 14
    60+ 3 to 4
  • For men:20 to 29 years 35 to 44
    30 to 39 years 24 to 34
    40 to 49 years 20 to 29
    50 to 59 years 15 to 24
  • The world record of the most number of push ups for women is of 829 push-ups in 30 minutes and 1020 push-ups in an hour.
  • For men the world record is of 2354 push-ups in 30 minutes and 3877 push-ups in an hour.
  • Some people think that number of push-ups determines your upper body strength,but they are wrong.The fact is that push-ups are a measure of muscle endurance.


Another simple but best workout to lose weight fast with exercise having a lot of advantages is plank.It is a very simple exercise to do at home or gym.

Procedure is as follows:

  • In your prone position,rest on your forearms and keep your legs a little apart.Form a straight line with your body.
  • Your elbows must be in a straight line with your shoulders.This helps avoiding an overload on the shoulder joints.
  • Voluntarily Contract the muscles of your torso.
  • Remaining part is in the following video.

Mountain Climbers

A very quick and easy weight loss exercise that is useful to engage your core and your arms.

Your lower ab fat gets targeted with this exercise.

I suggest you that you must try this to lose weight fast with exercise.

The procedure for doing this exercise is given in the video below:

Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is a good weight loss exercise which can really help you to lose weight but also can build your muscles.

You just need a rope to start with this exercise.Follow the following advices to perform this best weight loss exercise:

  • Take a strong rope which you can grasp with ease.
  • Grasp the corners of the rope with hands.
  • Start jumping alongside the rope.
  • You might aware of this easy weight loss exercise.

Watch the video below to understand why rope jumping is one of the best weight loss exercises:

Standing Knee Raises

As the name indicates this is an exercise in which you have to stand straight.Standing straight and raising your knees is one of the best weight loss exercises which can reduce your fat easily and also is very helpful for your muscles.

Follow the video below as it is to perform this one of the good weight loss exercises:

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