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How To Lose Weight-The Ultimate Solution To Your All Problems

In this article I am going to tell you that how to lose weight fast without exercise by using the easy and simple ways that really help you in weight loss.

You may need a diet plan to lose weight fast without exercise which you have to follow strictly during the complete journey to weight loss.

How to lose weight
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Eating healthy diet is also a big task during this journey to lose weight as now a days there are a lot of  diets(that are so called healthy diets) on the Internet or also given by doctors that can be harmful for your health.

So,choose carefully between those diets in order to get success in this way to lose weight fast.

The tips that I am going to share with you in this article are those tips which you can follow at home easily.These are the easiest tips that I have find out from the experts who have helped a lot of people to lose weight fast.


Without wasting any time of yours let’s move on to the tips to lose weight fast without exercise:

Eat Food Slowly

Eat your food slowly it will really help you lose weight.A research showed that 90% of the people eat food very fast that results in the increase of their weight.

Don’t consider it as joke,believe me it can help you lose weight very fast.

Don’t believe me!ask your doctor about this ,I am 100% sure he will agree with my this tip on how to lose weight fast without exercise.

Intermittent Fasting

This method to lose weight has become a popular weight loss technique.You will be wondered to know no one has told you the true meaning of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting means that you don’t have to eat anything for a certain period of time.

In this article of  28 tips on how to lose weight fast without exercise you have to perform intermittent fasting in a different way.

You have to remain without drinking and eating for 24 hours.In this period of 24 hours you just have 10 minutes in which you can drink and eat and for the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes don’t even look at things for drinking and eating.

There is a caution behind this that don’t follow this regularly.Perform this after 3 to 4 days and so on.

I am 101% sure that this will be the end of your increasing weight.

Build Simple Breakfast

Build simple breakfast.Don’t make it too complicated by including things can include extra fat.

This will be dangerous for your health to eat heavy breakfast in the morning.

Try to include simple proteins and carbohydrates in your breakfast to lose weight fast without exercise.Don’t mess with too many dishes.

Eat Salt In Limit

Salt is the main cause of increasing weight.Eat salt in limit if you really wanted to lose weight fast without exercise.

In my opinion you should reduce eating salt up to 95% for these 2 weeks for the best results.

Try to avoid from foods that mostly contain salt.

Drink As Much Coffee As You Can

Coffee is the best ingredient for weight loss.It is one of the best Weight Loss Tips that you can follow easily and without any difficulty.

The right time for drinking coffee is the start of the day.When you have not eaten anything then at that time try to drink coffee daily.

It will be worth for your weight loss journey.

Smaller Box Is Faster Way To Fat Loss

While doing breakfast , lunch or dinner use smaller box.It has helped me a lot to lose my weight and will do wonders for you also.
I used smaller box one day(just for practice) and it became impossible for me to eat more.I applied this technique for just 1 to 2 months and it gave me the most shocking results.

I lost mine 5 kg weight just by eating less due to the smaller box.

Chewing Foods 32 Times

Believe me this is the most epic and unique way to lose weight fast without exercise.Many people don’t believe this method this is why they fail to lose weight properly.

Chewing food 32 times mean that you have to take your food in smallest slices.It has many advantages but I will only mention 2 of them and they are as under:

  • Chewing food 32 times can take a lot of time to finish your eating process which will not let you eat a lot of food.
  • You can avoid several diseases just because of using this method.

Make Daily Goals

Start from smallest daily goals related to fat loss.You will notice that after completing those goals you will feel motivation.

This will encourage you to step to the next level of fat loss.The next level should be a little tougher then the previous one and so on.

You will see a major change in your weight after few days of this mission(daily goals) and that will be your final motivation which leads me to my next point!

Stay Motivated

You should always stay motivated besides this faster fat loss journey.Staying motivated all the time keeps you active which helps you do exercises actively(If you do Exercises To Lose Weight).

Stay motivated,Stay activated all the day so that you can perform daily activities with ease.


Choose Easy And Faster Way To Fat Loss

There are thousands of Weight Loss Tips on Internet which are easy enough to follow.Don’t always rush towards the harder ones that are impossible to follow.

Always try to chose easy and faster ways of fat loss.Because,they are easy to follow and have some sense regarding fat loss.

Stand In front Of Mirror

Standing in front of mirror will always remind you of the fact that you have to lose weight fast without exercise to be slim and fit like other people.

It also have another advantage that when you will see your increased fat you will feel little ashamed of you.This will led you towards the fact that you have to lose weight.

And at the end of journey you will be proud of yourself whenever you will stand in front mirror.

Take Picture Of Food

Whenever you are starting your breakfast,lunch and dinner take a picture of your food.

It will remind you that you have to eat less food because you are following this guide to lose weight fast without exercise You can also share this picture with your family and friends.

Eat Less In The Whole Day

Eat for just 2 times in the whole day rather then 3 times.I know that it will be difficult for you to suddenly reduce your meals.

If you wanted to get slim and smart quickly then you have to sacrifice your 1 time meal.

Eating less will automatically reduce fat.It will also release some waste materials from your body which are not necessarily important for body.

Say No To….

Say no to oily foods that not only are harmful for your health but also results in increasing your fat.

So,if you want to get results from this guide of how to lose weight fast without exercise then say no to these oily foods that are destroying your health badly.

Be Persistent

Be persistent!It is the most favorite quality of a human being.If you are persistent then you can achieve anything in this world.

It is not easy to be always persistent but yet not impossible.If others can be so persistent then Why You cannot?

Enroll Into Fat Loss Programs

There are a lot of weight loss programs that are offering weight loss basic supplements.These supplements can help you to lose weight fast without exercise.

Enroll into these programs to get the best fat loss results.One of the best weight loss program that actually works is Simply Weight Loss.They are offering best services for weight loss in natural way.

Sleep After Lunch

Taking 2 hours sleep after lunch is much better for weight loss.This will really help you to lose weight easily without following too much difficult methods.

Make it a routine to sleep daily 2 hours in the afternoon.I am sure this will really help you to lose weight fast without exercise.

Expect Less Weight Loss In Start

Don’t expect too much weight loss in the beginning that will not get you going consistently.Suppose that you have to lose just 2 to 3 pounds.

I mean to say that don’t set too much higher goals in the beginning.These can damage your self-esteem badly and there are 98% chances that you will leave exercises(or whatever)because of this bad experience.

After 2 to 3 months set as much higher goal as you can(about weight loss).This will be really helpful for your weight loss journey.

Inadequacy Between Calories

Finally,Weight loss is all about the calories.Mean,how many calories you take in or take out,decides that you are losing weight or not.

The situation is very clear.If you want to lose weight fast without exercise then you have to reduce the amount of calories you take in and increase the amount of calories you take out.

You have to bring an Inadequacy Between Calories In order to lose weight.You have to create a deficit of about 3300 calories to lose 2 pounds a weight loss expert says.

Quality Of Foods

It is not only the quantity of calories,It is also the quality of calories that you take in.

In order to lose weight by creating inadequacy between calories you just don’t need to reduce the quantity of the calories.

There are also other 99 factors and quality of food that you take in is also one of them.So,also take a look at quality of food.

Try to choose healthy and nutrient dense foods that will be really helpful in losing weight fast without exercise.

Balance In Macros

Like proper calorie intake,balancing your macros is also a great weight loss strategy.If you want to lose weight fast without exercise then start counting your macros from today.

Most of your calories come from carbs and others from protein and fats.So,In start I will recommend you to take 40% carbs,30% protein and 30% fats.

Just maintain a good balance in your macros to lose weight fast without exercise.

Meeting The Doctor

Before starting to find out the best way to lose weight fast without exercise arrange a meeting with your doctor.Tell him in serious note about your plan to lose weight.

He can guide you in better way as he is your personal doctor and knows the condition of your body.He will give you the correct advice weather you should go with this method or not.


Say No To Snacks

Snacks Are Your Worst Enemy,Understand this fact as soon as possible.This will be helpful for you in future because snacks are increasing calories resulting in the increase of weight.

So,say no to snacks in order to lose weight as soon as possible.It might not be possible immediately,but you can limit the amount of snacks for sure weight loss.

Take Big Decisions

It is a big decision to lose weight fast without exercise.So,if you want to achieve your goal that is big enough then start taking big decisions.

These big decisions could be about your daily routines like dieting etc.

A study showed that 90 to 80 percent of the people who lose 3 to 4 pounds of weight in the early days of their training they get successful results after the completion of the training.

If you will take big decision this could be really helpful for you to lose weight fast without exercise easily.

Water Is Life

Do you hear this sentence before?If yes then believe me it is true.Water plays the most important role in our lives.

Do you wonder that how water helps to lose weight?Don’t worry I am going to tell you that how water can help you lose weight fast without exercise very easily:

  • Whenever our stomach got empty,It sends message to our brain that I am hungry.Your brain tells you to eat something so that the stomach could be fulfilled.You eat something like burger,cheese or whatever which is not healthy resulting in the increase of weight.At that time when you feel hungry try to drink water not any other foods.
  • A recent survey taken from the 500 women who have lost weight without exercise showed that they drank 500 ml of water before breakfast,lunch and dinner.This amount is despite from there regular water consumption.
  • When you are dehydrated then it will not really be a good sign for your workout routine or weight loss.There is a harsh truth that you don’t feel thirsty until you lose 2 percent of your weight using water.So,water helps you in gym for workout.
  • `Water removes body waste.This is the biggest benefit of water towards weight loss.
  • Water helps to reduce liquid calorie intake.

Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet has become very popular to lose weight fast  without exercise.It helps you only to eat healthy foods rather than other unhealthy foods resulting in the increase of fat.

I have read about a lot of ketogenic diets but mine favorite was the one written by Health Line.They have mentioned all the important foods that you must have to take during this entire period.

So,follow this diet if you are really interested in losing weight fast without exercise.I am very sure that this will really help you in losing weight easily.

Here are the benefits of the ketogenic diet:

  • This diet has unique effects on entire body specially on particular cells of the body.By which you can reach beyond your limitations of weight loss.This diet can do some magic effects which other diets cannot perform.
  • It reduces insulin level which can be really important factor to lose weight fast without exercise.
  • Ketogenic diet can burn so much fat that you cannot even imagine.

Use Cinnamon In Coffee

If you are a die hard fan of coffee then follow this tip seriously.Start using cinnamon in your coffee instead of creamer.

There are a lot more benefits of cinnamon which could be really helpful for you to lose weight fast without exercise.Some of those benefits are as under:

  • Cinnamon helps you to eat less,which is the base of weight loss for faster results.
  • A test was held on rabbits recent days.This test showed that rabbits who eat more cinnamon have less weight as compared to the rabbits who eat less cinnamon.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly helps you not to eat too much of all your foods.The one unique benefit is that you can chew the food much more time.

This method let you eat less in lot more time.When you will eat less it could be much beneficial for your weight loss journey.

Additionally,eating slowly increase the consuming speed of food.This is due to increase in anti-hunger hormones.


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